Hi! I am Gerti and I am the founder of Nordesign. I come from Estonia and for the past four years I have been splitting my time between Abu Dhabi and Estonia. I have always been enthusiastic about Estonia and Estonian design and finally last year I had the opportunity to start my business that combines my background in business consultancy and market research with my love for Estonia. I started off focusing on the introduction of homeware products to the UAE market, but have since expanded to include other products as well.

I do market and competitor research within the UAE, locating the best stores to contact, reviewing what is currently being offered by competitors and assessing if the product is a good fit for the market. In addition I introduce products to stores and can act as a local contact for the Estonian designers.

At the same time I scout for Estonian designers and products for the stores I have contacts with in the UAE.

Please get in touch if you would like to work with me! gerti.magnani@nordesign.eu

Browse the site to find out more. Like Nordesign’s focus, the site is currently partly in English and partly in Estonian.